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Integrated multiplexed assays of variant effect reveal determinants of catechol-O-methyltransferase gene expression

Ian Hoskins, Shilpa Rao, Charisma Tante, Cenik C

Single cell quantification of ribosome occupancy in early mouse development

Ozadam H*, Tonn T*, Han C*, Segura A, Hoskins I, Rao S, Ghatpande V, Tran D, Catoe D, Salit M, Cenik C

Pyruvate Kinase M (PKM) binds ribosomes in a poly-ADP ribosylation dependent manner to induce translational stalling

Kejiou NS, Ilan L, Aigner S, Luo E, Tonn T, Ozadam H, Lee M, Cole GB, Rabano I, Rajakulendran N, Yee BA, Najafabadi HS, Moraes TF, Angers S, Yeo GW, Cenik C, Palazzo AF

satmut_utils: a simulation and variant calling package for multiplexed assays of variant effect

Hoskins I, Sun S, Cote A, Roth FP Cenik C

Genes with 5' terminal oligopyrimidine tracts preferentially escape global suppression of translation by the SARS-CoV-2 NSP1 protein

Rao S, Hoskins I, Garcia PD, Tonn T, Ozadam H, Cenik ES, Cenik C

RiboFlow, RiboR and RiboPy: An ecosystem for analyzing ribosome profiling data at read length resolution

Ozadam H, Geng M, Cenik C

Simultaneous RNA purification and size selection using on-chip isotachophoresis with an ionic spacer

Han CM, Catoe D, Munro SA, Khnouf R, Snyder MP, Santiago JG, Salit ML, Cenik C

Systematic identification of significantly mutated regions across cancer types highlights a rich landscape of functional molecular alterations

Araya CL*, Cenik C*, Reuter JA, Kiss G, Pande VS, Snyder MP, Greenleaf WG

Integrative analysis of RNA, translation and protein levels reveals distinct regulatory variation across humans

Cenik C, Cenik ES, Byeon GW, Grubert F, Candille S, Spacek D, Alsallakh B, Tilgner H, Araya CL, Tang H, Ricci E, Snyder MP