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A computational ecosystem to understand translation

mRNA translation can be measured transcriptome-wide by sequencing of mRNA fragments protected by ribosomes from RNase digestion. This approach, called ribosome profiling, poses unique c...

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Our First Publication!

In this study, we establish the feasibility of using isotachophoresis for simultaneous RNA purification and size selection. We designed and fabricated a chip for this purpose. We demonstrated seve...

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Congratulations Hakan!

Shortly after joining our lab, Hakan presented his research in the DNA & RNA Club of UT. With his talk, entitled “Mapping higher order structure of mRNPs”, Hakan received the best presentation ...

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Wet Lab Move

We moved our wet lab from its temporary location in NMS to its permanent place in Moffet Molecular Biology Building 2.122.

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Welcome Ian

Graduate Student Ian Hoskins joined Cenik Lab after a succesful rotation. Ian is our first PhD student.

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Ceniklab at the Research Retreat

Tori and Shilpa represented Cenik Lab at the research retreat of UT on March 11, 2019. Tori presented her work on ribosome profiling and Shilpa gave a short talk on translation regulation.

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Cancer Agency Awards $2 Million to Cenik Lab

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) has announced that Can Cenik has been awarded a $2 million Faculty Recruitment Grant. The program recruits emerging investigators purs...

Ultra-low input ribosome profiling for characterizing translation in development, cancer and immunology

A fundamental goal of molecular biology is to characterize the dynamics of gene expression from individual cells. This knowledge will ultimately reveal the diversity of cell types that make ...

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Characterize translation machinery alterations in thousands of tumors of diverse origins

Recurrent cancer mutations that disrupt protein-coding regions have been identified through large-scale projects employing targeted sequencing strategies such as whole exome sequencing. While ...

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Develop a platform for discovery of trans-acting translation regulators

Regulatory proteins control translation by scaling global protein production and by modulating translation from specific mRNAs. Targeted approaches continue to reveal new translation regulator...